Albany’s Historic Carousel

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Historic Carousel and Museum Breaks Ground at New Location

The wheels are in motion at the Albany Historic Carousel and Museum, which has finally found a permanent home. After 12 years of carving and painting animals, and raising money, the museum broke ground on its new building on Tuesday, May 24, 2016. The new building will feature a 1909 restored Dentzel carousel and over 50 hand carved animals created from 152,000 recorded hours of volunteer work.

Join us as we carve and paint our way into carousel history, as well as into the hearts and imagination of all that visit the studio and museum.

Current location:  250 SW Broadalbin St. Albany, OR 97321

Albany Carousel

Experience history in the making at Albany’s Historic Carousel Carving studio and museum. Free to everyone and open six days a week year-round, the carousel project allows visitors to witness a team of volunteer wood-carvers and artists at work creating a menagerie of hand-crafted carousel animals. The 52 whimsical animals destined for placement on the carousel range from a 7-foot-tall giraffe to a mythical mer-horse. All are carved entirely by hand, and each takes more than year to create. Finished animals are on display at the museum, and visitors are welcome to photograph and climb on the completed pieces, in addition to watching the artists at work.

The museum also houses a collection of historic carousel animals and carousel memorabilia dating back to 1885, donated by the Dentzel family, who began making carousels in Germany in 1850 and continued the craft after emigrating to America in the 1850s.

A historic carousel mechanism from 1909, also donated by the Dentzel family, has been fully restored and will serve as the centerpiece for the Albany Carousel once the animals are complete and the carousel building has been constructed.

Touring the Studio and Museum:

The carving studio and museum are open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. 4 p.m. and is open on holidays with the exception of Christmas and Thanksgiving. Visitors of all ages are welcome and admission is free. Group tours can be arranged by calling 541-791-3340.

Touring the Carousel Mechanism:

The restored 1909 carousel mechanism has been restored to fully operational condition and several finished animals have been mounted on the structure. The mechanism is housed on private property until the new carousel building is complete. Tours of the mechanism are available on Saturdays; call 541-791-3340 for directions and to schedule a spot on a free carousel mechanism tour.

18 thoughts on “Albany’s Historic Carousel

  1. I have a group of about 25-35 seniors that would like to take a tour of the studio, Museum and the Mechanism on Sat. Sept 6th if this is available. We will be coming from Junction City, OR.
    Please let me know if this is ok and what time the tours would be and which one would be first.

    Waiting to hear from you.

    Wanda McDonald

  2. Thanks for your comment, Wanda! Our Group Travel Coordinator will get in touch to help you arrange your trip.

    Jennifer Rouse
    Marketing Specialist
    Albany Visitors Association

  3. Would appreciate seeing more photos of the carousel animals and mechanism as it exists today. Could they be posted on your website? My retired daughters are interested in moving to your town and I’m thinking of coming with them. One of my hobbies is wood carving.
    Glenn Bazell
    Torrance, CA

  4. Hi Glenn!
    First of all, let us know if you need any relocation information. The carousel always welcomes new volunteers and someone with wood-carving experience would be especially welcome!

    You can find some photos of the mechanism as it currently exists on one of our blog posts here:
    The photos are from last fall, but the mechanism has not changed much in the past year.

    You can find other recent photos of the carousel animals at the Albany Carousel Facebook page:

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

    Jennifer Rouse
    marketing specialist, Albany Visitors Association

  5. I would like to arrange a group tour for 15-20 Seniors on Wed., May 6, 2015. Who do I contact to set it up? Our group has been following the progress for several years and can’t wait to be among the first to ride on it when it gets completed!

  6. Hi Bev!
    Glad to hear you’ve been following the progress of this awesome project. We are big fans of the carousel too!
    Our Group Travel coordinator will e-mail you to talk about setting up a tour.
    Thanks for commenting,

    Jennifer Rouse
    Marketing Specialist, Albany Visitors Association

  7. We would like a tour of your museum with our resident,could you please tell us a day and time that would be good to bring about 8 to 9 people.

  8. Hello there! I’ve passed on your request to our Group Travel Coordinator, and she will be in touch to arrange something. You can also get more information about the Carousel Museum at their website,

    Thanks for your interest!

    Jennifer Rouse
    Albany Visitors Association marketing specialist

  9. Our group, the Classic RV Club, has been to the museum twice now on outings. We love seeing the progress made on the various animals. On our last trip, we even went out the barn to see the old Carousel all set up. What a wonderful group of volunteers to undertake this gigantic project. We want to donate $100.00 for a brick in our name, for the new museum being built. This will be a museum that all children should see and adults (especially seniors like us) to reminisce about our own childhood.
    Thank you so much. Sue Hines, President, Classic RV Club (Portland area).

  10. Hello Sue,

    I completely agree that the Carousel is a wonderful project! I am happy to pass along your interest to the Carousel, but to arrange the donation you’ll need to contact the carousel directly: is their website.

    I’m so glad to hear you’ve had such good experiences there.
    Jennifer Rouse
    marketing specialist, Albany Visitors Association

  11. Would love to have a tour with a group of about 15/25 people. the day is flexible. How do I go about this?

  12. I want to buy t-shirts and post cards before the opening. Is that possible?

  13. Hi Janice, Since the opening has been delayed until Aug 15th and the telephone has been disconnected, best thing to do is stop by the Carousel office to inquire. Unfortunately, AVA does not stock Carousel merchandise.

  14. Susan, the latest we hear is that the Grand Opening is slated for August 15th. They had hoped for earlier this month, but needed a bit more time to make everything perfect! We are excited too!

  15. We are planning a 50th birthday party for our daughter for December 2, 2017. We saw the room for private parties. How much is the cost and how might I go about arranging for
    Such anot event?

  16. Hi Maggie, please contact the Albany Carousel directly at 541-497-2934. They can help you with planning your event. Hope the party turns out spectacular!

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