“Magical moment in wildlife” featured on KGW

Bald Eagle, Linn County Ore

Linn County is making headlines as a wildlife destination. The popular Grant’s Getaways segment on KGW News recently featured the area as the best place in the state to see bald eagles.

Hundreds of the majestic birds gather in treetops near Tangent, Oregon (just seven miles south of Albany) every day. Grant McOmie, host of the travel segment, says that such a gathering of the national symbol is called not a flock, but a “convocation.”

“One of the most amazing Oregon wildlife moments is found atop four story tall cottonwood trees near Tangent where an eagle ‘convocation’ draws up to 100 eagles in the Linn County tree tops each evening,” Grant says in the story on the KGW website.

Click here to watch the video:

Grant's Getaways video thumbnail

For more information bird-watching in Linn County, check out the Wildlife Viewing page on AlbanyVisitors.com.

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