Starting the 2020 Photo Contest with a video tribute

Photo of cyclists dressed in tweed.

As a very special AVA Photo Contest premier (before we announce the winners from 2020 next week), we’d like to take a moment to reflect on one of the most creative volunteers and participants in this annual event.

The photographs of Oliver J. Anderson (Jerry to his friends), gifted us with an appreciation for the natural beauty around us, fond memories of great times with friends at local events and innumerable smiles. If we ever needed a specific photo of an event or place, all we had to do was call him up and we soon had hundreds of images to choose from.

Last year towards the holidays, we lost Jerry to a long illness. We miss him spectacularly. He was a special edition and irreplaceable in our hearts. The slide show below only represents a few of the probably thousands of photos that he took over the years. We hope you enjoy them.


2 Comments on “Starting the 2020 Photo Contest with a video tribute

  1. Very nice tribute to Oliver Anderson!!!! His photography was eye-catching & meaningful.

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