Congratulations 2020 AVA Photo Contest winners

photo of a giant parade salmon about to "eat" a kid all in fun at the Albany Parade of the Species

Although things might have been delayed a bit this year for the Annual AVA Photo Contest, we want you to know that the AVA team has been working hard behind the scenes to procure the judges results.

We also extended the People’s Choice award through the entire month of April, which helped give our photographers even more “exposure” across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

We truly missed getting together with all the shutterbugs who submitted their work, and seeing the images up on the big screen at The Pix Theater. We hope you enjoy this little video of the winning photos. And make sure to check out all of the images submitted on our Flickr pages.

Congratulations to all and thank you for transforming a challenging year into a beautiful reflection of our community, (See the full list of winners below the video.)

*Featured image top of this page, Albany Farmers’ Market with Claudia the Salmon, by Dan Bateman.

2020 AVA Photo Contest Winners Video

Winners Circle

Here is a list of the winners, along with the category, placement, photographer, photo title, and location where the photos were taken.

3rd         Katrina Wilson – “What’s Up Doc” – Albany Farmers Market
2nd        Lance Gross – “Famous Burgers and Big Smiles” – Downtown Albany
1st          Dan Bateman -“Wood Fired Delight” – Albany Farmers Market

3rd         Camron Settlemier – “This Tree is Lit!!” – Downtown Albany
2nd        Don Bacher – “Mommy, I Like This One” – Oregon Mennonite Festival, Albany
1st          Dan Bateman -“Vintage Elegance” – Albany Tweed Ride, Albany

3rd         Jonna Niles – “Castle in the Sky” – Downtown Albany
2nd        Camron Settlemier – “Long Night’s Moon” – Downtown Albany
1st          Stephanie Low – “Wisteria House” – Monteith District, Albany

3rd         Christine Withers – “Garden Sun” – Downtown Albany
2nd        James Williams – “Gateway to Albany” – Ellsworth Bridge, Albany
1st          Barry Hoffman – “Light Up Train” – Albany Amtrak and Transportation Station

Lexi Gross – “Picturesque Downtown Building” – Downtown Albany

Life in the Community 
3rd         Melinda Martin – “September 11th” – Albany Courthouse
2nd        Camron Settlemier – “July 4th Fireworks” – Downtown Albany
1st          Dan Bateman – “Square-dance Shoes” – Heritage Mall, Albany

3rd         Pavla Zakova-Laney – “Sunset at Scott Lake” – Three Sisters Wilderness, OR
2nd        James Williams – “Autumn Splendor” – McDowell Creek Park, Lebanon, OR
1st          Camron Settlemier – Switchback, Hood River, OR

3rd         Melinda Martin – “Sheep” – Linn County, OR
2nd        Dave Maestas – “Winter Sunset” – Waverly Lake, Albany
1st          Stephanie Low – “Japanese Garden” – Lebanon, OR

Staff Choice  
Dan Bateman –  “The Pizza’s THAT Good” – Albany Farmers’ Market

People’s Choice  
Jonna Niles – “Tulips” – Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, Woodburn, OR

Reserve Champion  
Melinda Martin – “Vintage Snow Scene” – Albany

Don Bacher – “Reflections” – Oregon Mennonite Festival, Albany

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