Albany has great places to grab a fall-themed coffee

By Tori Thorp

Coffee lovers celebrated International Coffee Day Oct. 1, but if you missed it, fear not! You can still grab a steaming fall-flavored mug at one of Albany’s many locally owned coffee shops. Here are just a few options.

Checking out a matcha latte at Margin Coffee. Photo by Melinda Martin
  1. Margin Coffee: 206 2nd Ave. SW, Albany, OR 9732

Margin’s matcha latte is the talk of downtown Albany, and for a limited time they’re carrying seasonal fall flavors! Margin’s harvest season drinks include apple cider, cardamom lattes, honeybadger lattes (honey with cayenne pepper), and sugar and spice lattes. If you’re looking for something fresh and delicious to pair with your coffee order, try their raspberry, chipotle and goat cheese croissant!

  1. Citadel Oasis: 425 1st Ave. W, Albany, OR 97321

The Citadel Oasis is the newest addition to Albany’s cafe scene, and they do much more than coffee if you’re looking for a fun meal out. For their seasonal flavors they have pumpkin muffins, cookies, and peppermint flavored espresso drinks. On October 23rd, they’ll be hosting a wine and paint night for $40 per person, and every Friday at 7 p.m. they host Friday night magic. Stop by anytime during their hours for board games and delicious food and drinks!

  1. The Brim Coffee Co: 241 1st Ave. W, Albany, OR 97321

The Brim Coffee Company, located on 1st Avenue, is a cozy place to escape a cold day and sipa hot cup of coffee. The Brim offers many options, including their lavender and vanilla London fogs! This season they have  delicious fall flavors to add to your latte, including mocha, Americano or chai: maple, toasted marshmallow, brown sugar cinnamon, and pumpkin pie!

  1. Little Wuesten Cafe: 115 Ellsworth St. SW

Nominated as one of the best bakeries in the valley, Little Wuesten Cafe is an excellent spot to grab a bite to eat with the accompaniment of hot coffee. For breakfast, try one of their pretzel breakfast sandwiches, or stop by for a loaf of Zwetschgen-Ingwer Brot, a delicious bread made with fresh prunes and almonds. They also carry all the classic coffee options, so you can have your snack or meal with your favorite. 

  1. Pacific Perk: 1421 Pacific Blvd SE, Albany, OR 9732 and 350 NW Hickory St.

Pacific Perk is a drive-through coffee shop for those who love flavor– and they have plenty of them! This coffee shop offers a variety of unique flavors, including specialty coffee like their candy bar flavored menu, which has options such as Butterfinger, Three Musketeers, Twix, and more. Keep an eye out for their fall and winter options like the pumpkin spice latte! Visit one of their two locations to check out their extensive menu options. 

  1. Snow Peak Coffee Co: 1260 Price Rd. SE, Albany, OR 97321

Snow Peak Coffee, another drive-through shop located near Timber Linn Memorial Park, is offering some October specials! Their fun fall flavors include:

  • “Spooky Latte”: pumpkin spice and toasted marshmallow.
  • “Full Moon Mocha”: white chocolate and irish cream.
  • “Candy Apple Red Bull”: green apple and caramel drizzle. 
  • “Midnight Red Bull”: blue raspberry and blackberry. 

Stop by soon for one of these uniquely fall-themed pick-me-ups!

Albany has many more coffee shop options to choose from, including: 

  • Brown Cow Coffee Company
  • Mill Town Coffee
  • The Human Bean 
  • Sidekicks by Pastega 
  • Allann Bros. Coffee
  • Spirit Espresso
  • Dutch Bros
  • Starbucks

Looking for a treat to accompany your coffee? Stop by Natural Sprinkles Co. at 202 2nd Ave. SW to try one of their fall themed pastries such as the caramel apple sugar cookie, a pumpkin chai cupcake, or pumpkin cheesecake brownies!

Photos by Brett Murphy

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