Capture autumn photos in these scenic Albany locations

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to visit to capture pictures during autumn, look no further than the most scenic spots in Albany. Here, the month of November boasts beautiful bright-colored leaves creating an orange and red color backdrop. There’s a myriad of picturesque places to snap photos, but local Albany-based photographers have shared some of their favorites.

By Tori Thorp

Photo taken by Troutman Photography at Bryant Park

Troutman photography, a business run by Clare and Daniel Troutman, is located in the heart of historic downtown Albany, and they’re no strangers to seeking out the best spots for every season. 

Clare Troutman recommends heading to downtown Albany starting November 4, when there will be lights strung up in the streets for the holidays, and the shops will have holiday decorations displayed in their windows. 

Another Downtown spot Clare recommends is the Promenade, a spot between 1st and 2nd avenues, where the combination of lights and colors make wonderful portraits. 

“They’re gonna have strong lights, and they’ll have the glow from the theatre in front of them,” Clare said. 

As for more nature-based shots, Clare has two go-to parks during the fall. The first is Bryant Park, where there’s a spot along the Calapooia River where one of Albany’s iconic landmarks, the Ellsworth Street Bridge, rises in the background. The river, coupled with the bridge, makes for a memorable snapshot at any time of the year.                         

The second park is Timber-Linn Memorial Park. For the next few weeks, the trees at Timber-Linn will continue to change colors to the oranges, reds and yellows of fall. In the summer, Timber Linn remains a great photo spot with its green and bright landscape.

Albany’s covered bridges have long been a destination for unique and rustic looking photos, but the addition of fall-colored leaves make pictures taken here especially breathtaking. According to Albany photographer Don Backer, the patterns and old textured material of the bridges make for great shots. 

“Moon over Hoffman Covered Bridge” by Lori Norton

Backer recommends using old brick buildings downtown as a photo background for the same reason, old materials that add texture to the photos. If you’re downtown, you can head to Monteith Riverpark, where a sidewalk trail that Backer says can produce interesting photos as you begin your walk. At the end of the trail there is a mural that makes for a great photo as well. 

Additionally, Backer mentions that the myriad of family farms that can be found in and around Albany make for excellent season-specific photos, with features like corn mazes and pumpkin patches that can make beautiful backdrops, as well as provide a fun time. 

Backer also suggests taking a walk through Albany’s historic districts to find the spots that look the most interesting to you. The many historic homes provide great year-round photos.

“Cloudy Winter Afternoon” by Lori Norton

Photographer Melinda Martin advises photo-seekers to explore the farms of Linn County on which there are barns and pastoral scenes to capture. She also says that further up on Highway 20 along the Santiam River there are scenic areas and hikes that make for great pictures. 

Videographer and photographer Cameron Settlemier is knowledgeable about the trees in the Willamette Valley and the time during the fall when they are most vibrant. This time of year, he recommends photographers visit McDowell Creek Falls just outside of Lebanon, where the maple trees produce a vibrant background. Settlemier also says the Eighth Street canal between Washington and Broadalbin in Albany produces wonderful scenery, as well as other locations up and down the banks of the Calapooia River, Marys River, Yaquina River, South Thomas Creek and other waterways sporting a range of trees with unique colors of fall.

Settlemier mentions that short day trips outside of Albany may produce some beautiful fall pictures. On the coast, Vine Maple trees grow in abundance, and have vibrant red leaves in the fall. Other day trip destinations not far from Albany where you may find fall colors include: the Columbia River Gorge, the eastern edge of Hood River, and other locations in Philomath and Corvallis.

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