River Rhythms 2021

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July 22, 2021 @ 7:00 pm
Monteith River Park
489 NW Water Ave
Albany, OR 97321
Albany Parks & Recreation
(541) 917-7777
River Rhythms 2021 @ Monteith River Park | Albany | Oregon | United States

Super Diamond, The Neil Diamond Tribute will perform for the first of four concerts. For information visit the event Facebook page  River Rhythms, or website River Rhythms or call 541-917-7777.

10 Comments on “River Rhythms 2021

  1. I’m disappointed that there is no way to attend a River Rhythms concert without sharing my personal financial information with Albany Parks and Recreation AND any hackers who get into the system

    • Wesley,
      Thank you for your communication. Your concerns are heard and considered as we continue to strive as a community to provide the best service possible. Our partners and friends at Albany Parks and Recreation are doing what they can with the limited resources they have available to them. Unfortunately, we are still making compromises for the pandemic this summer but please know, we too are looking forward to our more traditional activities and excited to be one step closer to what we all took for granted prior to Covid-19.

    • I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! This issue has absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic.
      Myself and numerous others are very surprised and disappointed with this obtrusion of privacy thru payment method.

  2. Why are you making it so difficult to buy a $5 ticket on line? Why can’t you sell them in advance in your office?

    • Hi,
      This is Albany Visitors Association. River Rhythms is a City of Albany event. We list it on our calendar so residents and visitors can easily access the information.
      Thank you

  3. I find it impossible to purchase any of the River Rhythms tickets. The website is unusable!
    Please advise….I have signed up for an account but can never get back to it.

    • Hi,
      The city of Albany organizes this event and they are in the process of reviewing some of the details for this year. Please see the event Facebook page or call 541-917-7777
      Thank you,
      Albany Visitors Association

      • Thanks for the response and change up in handling the event. Donations at a gate should have been done long ago!

        • You are welcome. Hard-working city staff, especially Parks & Recreation, are making this happen for us all to enjoy!

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