Espresso & Cafe

Java makes the world go round and just about everything and anything can be handledPhoto of iced coffee at Margin Coffee in Albany, Oregon over or after a cup of coffee! Get the best of the best roasters and baristas at the locations below.

Allan Bros. Beanery & Cafe

Cafe with espresso, dessert, and lunch menu.

Brown Cow Coffee


  • Address: 22772 Santiam Hwy. SE, Albany, OR
  • Phone: 541-924-6849
Dutch Bros Coffee

Friendly Oregon coffee company. Drive-thru.

  • Address: 1125 9th Ave. SE, Albany, OR
    2840 Santiam Hwy SE, Albany, OR
    1895 Pacific Blvd. SW, Albany, OR
  • Phone: 541-928-2350
JC’s Cafe

Cafe w/espresso, ice cream, lunch menu

  • Address: 241 SW 1st Ave, Albany, OR
  • Phone: 541-926-1946
Margin Coffee

Historic Downtown espresso cafe, nitro cold brew, bagels, etc.

Pacific Perk


  • Address: 1405 Pacific Blvd. SE, Albany, OR
  • Phone: 541-791-6523
Pacific Perk – Hickory St

Drive-thru espresso, hot and cold drinks, snacks

  • Address: 350 Hickory St NW, Albany, OR
  • Phone: 541-791-6523

Coffee shop with gourmet desserts plus full lunch menu

Snow Peak Coffee Co.

Coffee and tea

  • Address: 1260 Price Rd SE, Albany, OR
  • Phone: 541-791-7533
Starbucks North Albany

Popular Northwest coffee chain

Starbucks Pacific

Popular Northwest coffee chain

Starbucks Santiam

Popular Northwest coffee chain

The Human Bean

Coffee and tea, Drive-thru

  • Address: 925 Hill St. SE, Albany OR
  • Phone: 541-924-3831
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