Photo Contests

Albany Visitors Association holds an annual photography contest. It’s a terrific opportunity to share your work with millions of visitors across the US and the rest of the world.

The deadline is Friday, February 11 at 5 p.m. (for 2022); the categories are listed below (in the category section) so that you can start gathering images during our best weather.

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We ask that your work specifically feature Albany. Your images of life in Albany and surrounding Linn County are what we most commonly use in our publications, advertisements, and social media. Imagine what visitors might like to see — people enjoying themselves outdoors, fantastic food and drink (micro-breweries, distilleries, winemakers), events, hiking, biking, paddling, and the beauty and majesty of our city’s historic architecture.

We never get enough action shots of people out and about, so think about staging something with friends; just make sure you get permission and a release form from AVA if there are recognizable people in your work.

Image resolution and more

Images that have digitally applied effects (such as montages, double exposures or vignettes) cannot be used in AVA publications or national advertising.

Additionally, image size and shape are very important. Photos should be large file sizes for print (biggest size image setting on your camera or phone, 300 dpi or larger); smaller images may be blurry when enlarged. Photos should be standard portrait or landscape since square, panoramic, or custom ratios are more difficult to place within our ads.

AVA Annual Photo Contest Categories

We thought you might want to plan ahead — the following categories can help you organize what shots to schedule for 2022:

Photograph Subject Categories

Scenic: Visit our parks, the Willamette River, hiking trails, vineyards and surrounding rural vistas. Find something you think will make someone want to come visit us and represents the unique charm of our region. Rustic barns, farm stands, wildflowers, the Willamette Valley with distant snow capped mountains. Amazing scenic shots are plentiful in our great outdoors.

Landmarks: What is your landmark when you tell friends to meet you in Albany? Is it the Historic Carousel or maybe the clock tower at the Albany Train Station? A landmark is unique to Albany and lends itself to the quintessential identity of our city. Even an old building with a Victorian painted advertisement on a brick wall or a statue could be a landmark.

Events: Albany is an event-driven community. Think about our parades and our Christmas horse-drawn wagon rides. AKC national dog shows at the Linn County Expo Center to National Historic Preservation Month, there’s never a shortage of things to do! Make sure to check our events calendar and find something fun to photograph (just remember to get people’s permission if you can clearly see their faces).

People: Visitors love to see people enjoying themselves, but we know it can be hard to get the shot right and get strangers to sign release forms. Consider enlisting your family and friends at a picnic in your favorite Albany park or enjoying a meal from your favorite restaurant.

Historic Albany: If you live in Albany, you know that we have deep historical roots. Our city has four nationally recognized historic districts. Albany’s architectural styles vary from the mid- 1800s to the 1950s. Grab a copy of “Seems Like Old Times” and document your personal visual tour or join us on one of the seasonal guided tours. We need images from all seasons so consider revisiting your favorite place at different times of the year!

Culinary: We live in the proverbial bread-basket of culinary delights: farm-to-table special dinners; farmers’ markets; renowned and award-winning chefs; cozy coffee houses and bakeries; wineries and breweries; German and Hungarian restaurants. Our city bubbles over with bounty. Visit a local restaurant or a unique foodie or drink venue and let people know what delicious rewards await them. Attend the farmers’ market and capture the bounty.

Student: For young photographers ages 18 and under.

Who can enter?

The contest is open to all ages, all levels: from amateur to professional or hobbyist, and we encourage teachers to involve their students. For entry information visit 2022 AVA Photo Contest

If you have any questions at all, telephone us at 541-928- 0911 or email and we will be happy to help you.

2020 Awards Video

As part of our deepest thanks to the 2020 winners, we’d like to share a video featuring their work.

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