‘Agriculture Heritage’ theme of History Through Headstones Tour

“Celebrating Our Agricultural Heritage” is the theme of the 13th History Through Headstones Tour at Albany’s Riverside Cemetery from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 19. It is sponsored by the Albany Regional Museum and the Riverside Cemetery Board of Directors.

Light refreshments will be served. Visitors can park on either side of 7th Avenue west of Albany General Hospital and can begin their tour at either cemetery entrance.

Eleven people associated with the area’s agricultural community will be featured on the tour, including six members of the Jenks Family, each of which will talk about some of their ancestors.

Here is a list of those to be honored along with the names of the docents who will talk about each one:

Great-granddaughter Mary Jacque Jenks Burck  will talk about James Benton Jenks (1833-93) and Mary Callaway Jenks (1838-1919; great grandson Tim Jenks will offer stories about Enoch Marvin Jenks (1880-1965) and Elizabeth Moser Jenks; grandson Howard Benton Jenks will talk about namesake Howard Benton Jenks (1893-1963) and Eunice Luper Jenks (1890-1984); family friend Pat Hagerty will talk about Amos Conrad (1925-94); family member Kathryn Koos will talk about Cyrill Koos (1863-1843) and Adele Koos (1864-1936; and Riverside Cemetery Board Member Darrel Tedisch will talk about John Gale Swatzka (1925-09). Concluding the featured subjects will be ARM member Bill Maddy with information about Samuel Hill (1804-54); and family member Kitty Buchner talking about Mary Pettibone Buchner (1905-2002).

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