Welcome to Albany. While COVID restrictions have eased, there are some exceptions, and masks will still be required in health care settings. Since some locations may still have flexible hours, we encourage visitors to call ahead, be patient, flexible and kind,– and mask up if asked to do so, fully vaccinated or not.

For the latest information on what restaurants are offering, Please visit our travel advisory business page dedicated to restaurants with direct connections to reach them.

Feel free to pique your foodie palette with locally produced flavorful meals. The variety of food and drink within Albany is nothing short of amazing—so prepare to nosh and drink your way across your stay. Fancy a pizza or maybe a romantic farm-to-table dinner? Select a category below and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Stop in at the Albany Visitors Association, e-mail us at, or call us at 541-928-0911. If you tell us what kind of restaurant you’re looking for, we’ll give you a personal recommendation.


Photo of crepes with berries and whipped cream at Brick and Mortar Restaurant in Albany, Oregon

What words define American culinary fare best? It's mostly likely invention or adaptation. Taking an old world item like skillet bread and redefining it as pancakes or waffles. We Americans are famous for "comfort" foods as well—from BBQ and meatloaf to the classic hamburger—we're pretty sure you'll find it here in Albany, Oregon.


Photo of Vietnamese style spring rolls on a plate with sweet chili dipping sauce

Asian food spans not only continents, but also regional styles. Fortunately differing  dishes and flavors abound in Linn County, from cool noodle salads to hot and spicy crispy salmon, you'll find a place to visit below.


Image of fresh sourdough baguettes from The Warehouse in Albany, Oregon.Is there really anything better than biting into a fresh-from-the-oven cookie or a thick crusty slice of sourdough bread? From sweet to savory, we have you covered.

Bar & Grill

Photo of three cocktails.Call it what you will—gastro pub, brew pub, or just the place where everyone knows your name—bars and grills cook up not only delicious small plates and burgers, but create some fantastic adult beverages.


Photo of the menu on a BBQ food truckWhat could be better than a smokey tangy delectable brisket or a juicy rack of ribs and all the fixings—mac n' cheese, tater salad, slaw, mashed potatoes, and corn. Check out some of our best local purveyors of southern cuisine.

Breakfast & Brunch

Photo of pancakes.Snuggle into your comfy clothes and head out for a great start to the morning; whether it's a protein-filled egg and bacon omelette or a carb-replenishing stack of pancakes and maple syrup, you'll find a variety of places to begin your weekend stay.


Photo of a craft beer and a tacoLinn County is famous for its hop production, which lends itself to some of the finest local brews imaginable. Take a flight (or two) and taste seasonal as well as limited edition ales, meads, ciders, and craft beers.


Photo of a hamburger with French fries on a plate Every once in awhile, you just want the real thing—a great big juicy hamburger (or vegetarian burger) and a side of fresh hand-cut French fries. You'll find that and more at the following places.


Photo of a variety of donutsIf all you could have for breakfast was a donut, would it be so bad? Okay, so maybe add coffee and you have the perfect formula for a weekend treat. Get your freshly baked donuts and pastries at the locations below.

Espresso & Cafe

Photo of iced coffee at Margin Coffee in Albany, OregonJava makes the world go round and just about everything and anything can be handled over or after a cup of coffee! Get the best of the best roasters and baristas at the locations below.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are quintessential to any community, no matter where on the planet you are. So it's no wonder that Albany has joined the "street food" revolution.

NOTE: We add trucks as we are notified of their locations. If you know of one that we've missed, let us know!


A food truck that comes to area-wide events, a caterer, and a stationary drive-through for a Hawaii-infused menu.


Photo of Italian pasta and meatballs at Gamberetti's Albany Oregon.Oh pasta, we sing your praises—especially when it's freshly made and accompanied by a variety of "gravy." Enjoy delectable selections of your favorite, including calzones, salads, scampi and more.


Photo of a plate of Mexican black beans and rice.Mexico... a land of rich cocoa beans, soft cheeses, piquant chiles, and spicy fragrances. Luckily, you don't have to leave Oregon to find one of your favorite regional dishes.


Photo of a hot pizza being servedSeriously, let me ask you: what is life without ooey-gooey pizza? From wood-fired to gluten-free, Albany pizzerias have it all.

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