Outdoor Recreation

Albany is at the center of a region full of outdoor possibilities. Water recreation, hiking and backpacking, and some of the Northwest’s finest golf courses make Albany the perfect headquarters for Willamette Valley adventures.

Area parks include 354 acres in Albany, and 1,200 acres of county parks. In addition to that, you can explore state parks, U.S. Bureau of Land Management sites, and National Forest lands, all freely open to the public. Recreational opportunities within a short drive include snow skiing, sailing, beach combing, fishing, hunting, hiking, and water skiing.

If you do plan to head outdoors, please take care out there and leave it the way you found it. Guest writer Mike Nicosia has some helpful tips on how to do that and enjoy your time in the wild in his blog post, How to leave no trace when camping and hiking. In the story find the link to Mike’s website, Conquerwild.com for more interesting information on camping and hiking.

Local clubs feature ways for cyclists, runners and walkers to get to know each other and to enjoy the fun of races and sports events. If you’re a fan of the high-speed sport of jet boat racing, we’ve got a jet boat track nearby.

If you love yoga and doing the downward dog with a furry (or hairy!) friend, make sure to stretch with the adorable goats at Lainey Morse’s Goat Yoga headquarters at No Regrets Farm.

Check out detailed information on other outdoor adventures you might enjoy: