Places to shop in Albany range from quirky, unique boutiques, to nationally-known names filled with your favorite brands.

Here are a few of the shopping possibilities in the region:

heritage Mall logoHeritage MallHeritage Mall is a shopping destination for clothing, footwear, electronics, crafts, home decor and more. National brands like Target, Old Navy, and the state of Oregon’s only Hobby Lobby store, as well as unique, locally-owned shops like West End Boutique, can be found at Heritage Mall. Heritage Mall is also home to a variety of restaurants and holds fun events year-round. Free wi-fi, a children’s play area, and tasty food court are available.  Visit for a store directory and more information.

albany downtown transparentHistoric Downtown Albany: Albany’s vibrant downtown commercial district is home to dozens of local businesses unlike any you’ll find elsewhere. The Albany Antique Mall is a two-story haven for antique-lovers. Emma Downtown sells high-quality womens’ clothing and home decor, and The Natty Dresser provides menswear, shoes, and hats. Other downtown shops include toys, kids clothing, quilt shops, and art.

National brands: If you’ve got a favorite brand, you can probably find it in Albany. CostCo, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and other well-known companies are located in town.

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