Covered Bridges

Covered bridges are a picturesque reminder of Oregon’s past, and Linn County is home to eight of the wooden wonders. Take a cycling or driving tour of peaceful country roads and be transported to a slower pace of life, when structures were built to last and builders put roofs over their bridges to protect the timbers from Oregon’s rainy climate.

These authentic bridges have been carefully maintained and most are still open to both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. On your tour, take note of Shimanek Bridge, the only bridge in the area painted red rather than the traditional white; and Larwood Bridge, spanning Crabtree Creek next to an old water wheel that once provided electricity to rural residents.

If you have a few hours, you can travel a five-bridge loop and tour the locations closest to Albany. If you have a few additional hours, extend your trip to eastern Linn County and visit all eight.

For more information, look for the covered bridges entry on Page 20 of the Seems Like Old Times publication.

If you want to discover them for yourself, click here to view a list of Linn County’s Covered Bridge Country. Also, get the Albany Explorer app on your phone to access an interactive tour, a map and other information about our covered bridges.

Click here to read a description of touring Linn County Covered Bridges from Travel Oregon.

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