Monteith House

Monteith House Albany, Oregon
This 1849 house-museum is said to be the most authentically restored Pioneer Era home in Oregon and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Photo of Monteith exterior on sunny day with US flags flying. Albany, Oregon.

518 Second Avenue, SW
Albany, Oregon

Call for hours: (541) 220-0421

Welcome to the Pioneer Era!

The Monteith House stands today as a carefully restored memorial to our pioneer ancestors and the spirit that brought them to Oregon. This structure carries the intriguing story of how one family fashioned a new city in Oregon’s land of milk and honey.

Brothers Walter and Thomas Monteith traveled to Oregon by ox team in 1847 over the Oregon Trail. Close to the confluence of the Calapooia and the Willamette Rivers, the Monteith brothers found a wide, open, prairie – a perfect setting for their envisioned city. For $400 they were able to purchase 320 acres of land along the Willamette River from Hiram Smead.

With the acquisition of another 320 acres of adjacent land, the brothers were able to plot out a 60 acre townsite. They named this new town after Albany, New York, the capital of the state of their birth.

These enterprising brothers began to construct a house which straddled the dividing line between their claims, fulfilling the requirement that each man sleep on his claim. This was one of the first homes in Oregon to be constructed from sawed lumber, and was the Albany areas first frame home. With the assistance of friend Samuel Althouse, the Monteith House was basically complete by 1849.

In 1849 Californias Gold Rush caught the Monteith brothers attention. An apparently successful venture to the Goldfields provided resources to enter several business ventures which helped establish Albany as the Hub of the Willamette Valley.

In 1854, Thomas traveled to Iowa to fulfill his matrimonial promise to Christine Dunbar. The newlyweds purchased the parlor furnishings displayed in the house prior to their voyage to Oregon via the isthmus of Panama. Stopping in San Francisco, they acquired goods for a store which had originated in the parlor of the Monteith House.

Walter took Margaret Smith as his bride in 1855. The Walter Monteiths constructed a home on Elm Street, at the then western edge of Albany.

Albany’s Monteith House not only served as a home, but became a hospitable community center for the emerging City of Albany. The Monteith family generously allowed their home to be used as a meeting place for religious, political and other activities. Among the many claims to fame for this historically significant home are:

1850 Albanys first sermon was delivered by Dr. Kendal in the home.
1853 Albany’s first congregation to be organized as United Presbyterian was united and met for three years at the house.
1856 The Monteiths hosted a meeting of the Free State Men in their home to discuss State formation.
1857 Built upon the A Free State Men meetings, Oregons Republican Party was founded at the house.

Bringing History to Life: The Monteith Historical Society

This historical treasure is owned by the City of Albany, with the non-profit Monteith Historic Society providing financial and volunteer resources for its maintenance, restoration and operation.

Donations to the Monteith House are most appreciated! Financial support is critical to the maintenance of the house and the collection displayed. Contributions to the Monteith Historic Society can qualify as charitable tax deductions.

Items from the Oregon Trail era are eagerly sought. Items may be accepted by the Monteith Historic Society as a charitable contribution at market value.

If you would like to offer a donation you may contact the Monteith Historic Society by writing or through the Albany Visitors Association.

For Information:

To make tour arrangements, for further information on the Monteith House, or to discuss a donation, you may write to:
Monteith Historic Society
P.O. Box 965
Albany, Oregon 97321
(541) 220-0421

Albany Visitors Association
(541) 928-0911
or 1-800-526-2256


Follow signs to the Visitor Information Center and Historic Districts. The Monteith House is located two blocks west of the Information Center at 518 2nd, SW.


Captain Archibald Monteith (son of William J. Monteith, brother of Walter and Thomas served on the battlefields of the Civil War, to find out more visit: