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The Albany Visitors Association 2023/24 free visitor guides are now available. What makes our publication a bit different than others you might pick up on your travels? For one, our magazine-style articles delve into fun tidbits about Albany and surrounding Linn County. This year, we highlight the Albany Regional Museum which renovated all of its exhibits and reopened in June of 2023.  

The new guide also highlights Albany’s history and heritage, with information about the Historic Carousel & Museum, and the Linn County Veterans Memorial. Interested in learning where your food comes from? Take a few minutes to read about the Mid-Willamette Valley Food Trail, incorporating farm markets, farm-to-table restaurants and the local food sources here in the Hub of the Willamette Valley.

AVA provides the colorful publication at no charge. You can fill out the form below, Telephone 541-928-0911 and request a copy to be mailed, or stop by the office and grab one at 122 Ferry St, 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday.