Journey to the Center of Albany – Summer Passport 2012

Journey to the Center of Albany
Are you prepared to Journey
to the Center of Albany?
Attention Explorers:
A map has been discovered that leads to the center of Albany and we need your help!
Your Mission:
To locate each check point and accomplish a mystery task. With each task completed you will be one step closer to finding the Center of Albany and winning fantastic prizes. Be prepared for unmatched adventure on your journey. The City is counting on you.
Where to Start:
All maps are under lock-down at the Albany Visitors Association. Starting June 15th, go there and say the code phrase “I am ready for adventure!” to receive your map and start exploring. Good luck!
NOTE: The maps will be available starting Friday, June 15th, 2012.

The Albany Visitors Association is located in Two Rivers Market
on 3rd & Broadalbin St in Albany, OR.
Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

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