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Two female children holding garlic picked at Mid-way Farms in Albany, Oregon

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Read our latest newsletter and discover fun virtual activities and look ahead to sunnier days. Get ready to cheer someone up with a free e-postcard on our Albany Explorer App or ask our virtual assistant Ava a question about historic Albany. And don’t forget to vote now through April 30th for the AVA Photo Contest “People’s Choice” winner. You’ve got this, and we have you on our minds — so stay safe, stay healthy and we will see you soon. View the good news.


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2 Comments on “April 2020 – the good news newsletter

  1. In the wine industry, fruit wine refers to any wine that is not made from grapes. Despite the fact that they are made from fruit, perry and cider are not included in the definition of fruit wine. So it might be wrong to say that fruit wines are good for health because they are just like regular wines.

    • Thank you for your comment and information Elbert Senter. Stay well and healthy.
      Albany Visitors Association

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